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So, if you are on this link you either have or had a mental block. Well, let me tell you this. They SUCK. If you have one, you know what I mean. In case you don’t know what a mental block is, it’s a point in your cheerleading career when one day you are on the mat, backhandspringing or backtucking away and the next thing you know BOOM! It’s gone. All your tumbling, gone. Well, to you, the tumbling is gone. To your head, it is all still there. Waiting to come back out.

 See, once you get a mental blockage, you feel that every tumble pass or any tumbling in general is scary, am I correct? You are afraid your will fall or screw up because you believe that you can’t tumble anymore. You think that your whole tumbling life is over. You start stressing out once your coach tells you to do a simple backhandspring. And you feel that you just can’t. You believe it is all your fault.You start stressing when your team is tumbling in the tumble pass and there you are. Sitting to the side of the mat still believing that you can’t tumble. But listen here.

 You can. You can. You can. I know that through this process you have at least told yourself 99 times “I can’t”. Stop. Did the tumbling mentally go away? No. Don’t believe me? Well, can you write down every step for a back handspring? Back tuck? If you have done these before, yes. Yes you can. If I give you a piece of paper and tell you to write every step of a tumble skill you think you lost, you will do it. Want to know why? Because you’ve done that skill before. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe at this point. But it’s true. You have done this skill before. It is just all in your head, the “I can’t” stuff.

  Now I know that you might just want to break out and cry every once in a while during this process. And I know that you feel you are letting down your coaches. Snap out of it. It might be hard to believe, but you aren’t the only cheerleader with this “disease” (which it is not, but it might feel like it). Almost every cheerleader gets this. This… mental block.You have to find you way of beating it. Whether it’s because of stress or some other reason, defeat it. Build your confidence. Because sitting at home debating whether you should quit cheerleading is not an option. Work. Work on the little things such as a handstand or forward roll. Then work on the slightly higher things such as a back-bend or front walkover. Whatever the case, you will beat this. I know you will. I did three times. And every one of those three times I felt everything you are now. I cried. I considered quiting. I thought I was letting my whole team down. But look, you are NOT. I repeat you are NOT. You have to keep working. You have too keep building. You HAVE to keep tumbling. You are not alone.

Good luck. You can do this. xoxoRiley

 (If you would like to discuss anything about your or someone else’s mental block, message me on anon or I will answer privately if you are not on anon.)